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Working Relationships

In the restoration business, part of a successful business is having great working relationships with other reputable companies within the industry. There are a lot of moving parts to attend to, a lot of knowledge to be shared and trust to be built. Getting along with people, doing incredible work and being solidly dependable are key elements to a successful working relationship.

VRSouth has been restoring this amazing mansion in North Carolina for the last few weeks. There was a tremendous amount of damage from years of storms and a touch of neglect. We were so happy to get this contract, as we know that a property like this has a lot of history and is bursting with character.

Veritas Restoration South and AcryLabs

A Work of Art

The roof of this beauty is in need of some love. Age and weather events have caused some harm.

Today, we are applying base layer of Acrylabs fluid-applied roofing system to this historic house's flat roof to ensure full protection in the future.

Above are close ups of fabric being rolled out over the primer base. The primer will soak through the fabric, to create a solid seal and tight protection for the future.

Veritas Restoration South is happy to partner with AcryLabs on this historic, amazing property.

We only work with the best.

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