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Weekend Work and Play

We work most weekends at VRSouth. There is so much to be done. Running a successful company means sacrificing your free time for the good of the company. Saturdays are a good day to talk with people in the neighborhood about storm damage and give free estimates. It is also a great day to reach out to the community and get to know our customers.

Sundays are a different story. Sundays are personal time. We play with the Veritas dogs, enjoy the sun, sometimes head to the lake or sleep in. It is a great day to rest up for the coming week of contracts, restoration and estimations.

VRSouth mascot Gator Dog and a fluffy admirer. Gator is very popular....

Running around, enjoying the sun

At VRSouth, we love animals. At the moment, we are looking for opportunities to give back to local shelters and help out as much as we can.

VRSouth founder and CEO, AKA Dog Whisperer

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