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Modern Technology Meets 110 Years of History

VRSouth is so happy to have been a part of this historic restoration in North Carolina. This beautiful home was a successful collaboration of Veritas Restoration South and Acrylabs.

Fun facts:

Roseboro was officially incorporated as a city in 1891.

This mansion in North Carolina has been standing for 110 years.

The first commercial drone permits for civilian use were not issued until 2006.

That is many years of missing out on incredible aerial footage like the pictures below. Take a look at what the birds see when they look down on this classic beauty.

Today, we use this awesome, aerial tool to share our work from a different vantage point. And how lucky we are that we can do this. Enjoy this epic video below and visit us often for more updates on the many projects we are working on.

Many thanks to our drone pilot and VRSouth's official MVP, Nathan J. Freeman.

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