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Invest In Your People | AITech Ropes & Harness Training

At Veritas, the safety and proper training of our people is of the highest importance. It is our priority to maintain a happy, healthy team where people feel confident and supported in their work and in their lives.

We take pride in our training program at Veritas Restoration South. We also believe that staying on top of the latest and greatest industry trends for safety is a key factor in maintaining a strong, stellar team.

Because safety is our top priority, we took a company trip to Atlanta, Georgia and spent a weekend getting the team certified by the American International Technical Institute in Ropes & Harness training, led by the incredible Terry Freeland. Terry is an expert in the field with a long, respected career and an incredible track record for safety and success at great heights.

This Ropes & Harness course is the only class of its kind offered by an education institution on the east coast. This course offers a full-day certification for roofers and adjusters. Half the day is spent in classroom instruction on practical skills, like knots, equipment and proper anchoring techniques.

After a fantastic lunch provided by AITech, we headed out to their 10/12 slope roof course. At this time, Terry tested our working knowledge of the ropes and anchors we had just learned, to make certain that our skills were up to snuff and ready to climb to the top safely.

Once we were all safely strapped into our harnesses, we went over the best way to feel comfortable in our gear and position the equipment for ease of movement and footing. Lined up, side by side, with Terry in the center to guide us, we took our steps up the roof, using our Petzl Grigri belay devices and ascenders.

The day was spent learning the most recent, up-to-date safety techniques in our industry. Our whole team left with a renewed sense of accomplishment and the newest knowledge about how best to navigate the dangerous challenges we face every single day.

Terry Freeland and James Owens


Veritas Restoration South is so very thankful for this course, and for the time we spent on the rooftops getting certified with American International Technical Institute, and Terry Freeland.

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